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Super Snooper / Супер Ченге (1980)

КП 9.00
IMDB 9.00
Резюме : The policeman Dave Speed is assigned in a mission in an ex-indian reserve near a military shooting range. Casually, while Dave is doing an on the spot investigation, a nuclear missile explode, the radiation gave him superpowers. Dave so became able to move object with the mind force, to discover misterious crimes and to jump with no problem from a skyscraper. His friends cannot understand that trasformation.
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Super Snooper / Супер Ченге (1980)
Сащ, Испания, Италия
Sergio Corbucci
В ролите:
Terence Hill, Ernest Borgnine, Joanne Dru, Marc Lawrence, Julie Gordon, Lee Sandman, Sal Borgese, Woody Woodbury, Dow Stout, Herb Goldstein, Sergio Smacchi, Don Sebastian, Claudio Ruffini, Jack McDermott, Charles D. Thomas
БГ Аудио:
Време траене:
97 минути
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