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Love Story / Любовна история (1970)

КП 9.00
IMDB 9.00
Резюме : Harvard Law student/hockey jock (Oliver Barrett IV) meets Radcliffe music wonk (Jennifer Cavalleri), and the couple soon enter into a relationship. When the couple decide to get married, Oliver's father (Oliver Barrett III) threatens to disinherit him from the family will, leaving Oliver and Jennifer to start their marriage at rock-bottom. Jennifer and her dad (Phil Cavalleri) do what they can to bring father and son back together, but the two prefer to remain at war with one another. Years go by, and the young couple attempt to have children, only to discover that she is malfunctioning.

"Любовна история" - филм шедьовър. “Любовна история” е един от най-затрогващите любовни филми на всички времена. Прекрасната любов между Дженифър и Оливър е прекършена от смъртта на момичето.
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Love Story / Любовна история (1970)
Arthur Hiller
В ролите:
Ali MacGraw .... Jennifer Cavalleri; Ryan O'Neal .... Oliver Barrett IV; John Marley .... Phil Cavalleri; Ray Milland .... Oliver Barrett III; Russell Nype .... Dean Thompson; Katharine Balfour .... Mrs. Barrett; Sydney Walker .... Dr. Shapely; Robert Modica .... Dr. Addison; Walker Daniels .... Ray Stratton; Tommy Lee Jones .... Hank Simpson; John Merensky .... Steve; Andrew Duncan .... Reverend Blauvelt; Charlotte Ford .... Clerk, Mount Sinai Hospital; Sudie Bond; Julie Garfield
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