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The Conversation / Разговорът (1974)

КП 9.00
IMDB 9.00
Резюме : Harry Caul is an invader of privacy. The best in the business. He can record any conversation between two people anywhere. So far, three people are dead because of him.Harry Caul is a nationally known expert on surveillance. The Director of a large company has hired him to record the conversations of two of the Director's employees. Some years previous, Harry's work directly led to the murder of three people, and now he has reason to fear that it will happen again.
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The Conversation / Разговорът (1974)
Francis Ford Coppola
В ролите:
Gene Hackman, Harrison Ford, John Cazale, Allen Garfield, Frederic Forrest, Cindy Williams, Robert Shields и др.
БГ Аудио:
Време траене:
113 min
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